Standalone Software

Standalone applications are traditional software that are installed on each client system. Essence Computing only develops platform-independent applications, so that the user can use any Operating System of their choice on the system. The data can optionally reside on a Central server, so that the users get synchronised data. For example, in an office with 30 systems, standalone application needs to be installed on each of these 30 systems. However, if there is a central server in the office, data can be stored in that system, to which each of the application will connect to. This way, all the 30 systems get up-to-date data on their application in real time.

When to go for a standalone application?

As mentioned above, a standalone application needs to be installed on every system, and makes it hard to maintain. When a system needs to be replaced or reinstalled in the event of a system crash or a virus attack, the applications also needs to be reinstalled. The access to the application is limited only to the systems that have the application installed. Standalone applications can never be kept online, and remote availability of data is practically impossible. However, there are situations where standalone application is the best choice. Here are a few:

  • Text mode printing on pre-printed stationary, which browsers fail to do
  • Printing on legacy continuous stationery
  • No need of networking, application is needed only on a single system
  • More hardware support like barcode printers, webcam, biometric devices, LED Panels, etc.
  • More Operating System level operations like direct backup to external devices, mouse control, etc.
  • Creation and manipulation of local files