Intranet Applications

Intranet Applications work completely on your internal office network, and the data resides on a server located in your office. Enterprises with a high traffic rate of transactions can opt this method. We provide you with all technological materials needed for the same, including the servers. The server will always be installed with a Linux Operating System, but the users are free to use any Operating System in their systems, as they like. Your websites can be optionally connected with Intranet Applications to fetch realtime data from your application. Your data remains highly secured within your internal office network, and you do not need a 24-hours working Internet connection to use the Application. You can save on your bandwidth too.

To the end user, there is no difference between a hosted application and an Intranet application. They access the software stored in a web server using a browser, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. The fundamental difference between the two is the location of server. In hosted applications, the software and the database (in most cases) will be stored in a remote web server, and all you need is a stable internet connection to use the application. However, in case of an Intranet Application, the software is stored locally on a web server set up and installed in the office premises. This way, there is no need for an Internet connection in the office as the data is available over the Local Area network (LAN). However, the server needs to be properly maintained, and in most cases, a Network Administrator is required for this.