Linux Server and Network Installation

Thousands of successful companies have adopted Linux as their business servers. When compared to different commercially available operating systems, Linux's best features are its price, its reliability, and the freedom it gives. However, to ensure maximum uptime, the system should be fine-tuned after installation and proactively monitored round the clock to detect any anomalies that might result in a problem. The server should also be upgraded routinely, apart from maintaining and tweaking at regular intervals. Not every company has dedicated IT Department to do these jobs. Such professional installation of Linux servers with Network installation and configuration can be entrusted to Essence Computing, where we employ scores of network and system administration specialists, well-experienced in managing Ubuntu and CentOS servers physically and remotely.

Essence Computing System Administrators have rich expertise in managing Ubuntu and CentOS Operating Systems. However, we can manage any other Linux Operating System as per customer requirement. We install, configure and maintain the following services as part of System Administration and Networking

  • Domain Name System (DNS) Server
  • Apache and NGINX HTTP Server with SSL
  • Proxy-server with NGINX
  • Automatic Backup and File Storage to Amazon S3 Cloud storage
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL Database Server
  • Samba, FTP, NFS Servers for file transfers
  • Firewalls using IP tables
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Server
  • DHCP (Dynamic IP to Clients) Server
  • POP3 / SMTP / IMAP Mail Servers like Sendmail, Qmail, SquirrelMail
  • Internet Connection sharing using Proxy Servers like Squid, or transparently using firewalls
  • Control Panel (Specialised in CPanel, Plesk and Webmin)