Jump out to Freedom !!

Still tied up with applications that needs to be installed per system? Tired of losing valuable business data due to virus attack? Business expansion needs costly hardware and software installation?

It's time for a change - A change of freedom !!

Get into the Internet world !!

Open your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drive customers from all over the world, and showcase your products as you would do directly. Advertise, display, promote, and sell - all online.

Charge your business with zero-effort online marketing !!

Your questions, our answers !!

We understand that each business has its own internal policies and practices. Now, to implement a software, you no longer need to change your business policies and the way it works.

Manage your business, your way !!

Instant Deployment - Get Going !!

Looking for a low-cost instant solution to manage your business? There are some readymade hosted applications that you can use without any delay for development or implementation. It's all ready.

Small in footprint, great in application !!

Business - Everywhere you want !!

Future-ready mobile applications, where distances and office are not a matter. Revolutionary mobile applications helps you to gain control over your business. It's your ideas that goes mobile.

Everything is possible, just ask !!

Development ...

Stunning and dynamic websites that drive more potential customers to your enterprise from the Internet world ...

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Applications ...

Tailor-made applications to suit your specific needs like managing orders, customers, accounts and more ...

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Applications ...

Ready-made applications residing on our powerful web servers that can be accessed by privileged users ...

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Mobile and SMS
Applications ...

Step into the wire-free world with our innovative Mobile applications and integrate SMS into your software ...

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Welcome to Essence Computing

Essence Computing is a software development company offering comprehensive solutions in Web-based Applications. We offer cost-effective web development services for organisations ranging from SOHOs to corporates. Located in the Kerala state of India, our products are now catering to the needs of customers in more than 15 countries. We have expertise in almost all business domains covering majority of technologies in the following areas:
»   Website Designing and Development
»   Domain Registration and Web Hosting
»   SMS driven applications
»   Logo, Brochure and Catalog designing
»   Search Engine Optimisation
»   Online Advertising
»   Hosted Applications
»   Custom Intranet Applications
»   Standalone Software Development
»   Smartphone Application Development
»   Linux Server and Network Installation
»   Offshore Development Centre
Why Web based applications?

A web application is an application that is accessed over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. To use a Web application, the user needs only the latest version of a standards-compliant web browser. A same web application can be used by potentially thousands of users on various computers around the world, without having to install any other software. Web applications are platform independent, and are highly scalable. These are the important advantages of web applications:
»   No installations at user end, except a browser
»   Freedom to choose any Operating System
»   No special changes or configuration at user end
»   Quick and easy updates
»   Available 24 hours a day
»   Safe and secure centralised data
»   Always up-to-date with instant implementation
»   Little or no disk space needed at client computer
»   Easy integration with other web applications
»   Lower running costs than offline software

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