About Us

Who we are?

Essence Computing is a leading provider of end-to-end IT solutions to customers ranging from SMEs to Corporates. Essence Computing specializes on custom application development, website development, Corporate Intranet Solutions, Online Marketing and Advertising, SMS Gateway services and print media designing, with industry-specific expertise in almost all business domains. Our experienced staff and leading edge technologies have helped us to provide unparalleled and quality solutions to our clients. Quality is never an accident with us, and is built into the product from its very beginning of development. All our products are passed through strict quality checks before implementation so as to minimise post-implementation modifications as far as possible.

What we do?

Essence Computing has been working on Open Source technologies since the first day of its commencement and was able to implement its business solutions for more than 200 clients, within a short period of time. We have established fairly well in application development on open source platforms, mainly LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python), and has started our march into the more advanced, but uncovered areas in open source like Ruby on Rails, Zope, etc. We help enterprises introduce Linux or add features for their Linux implementations in a seamless manner, along with other Open Source applications. Over the years, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects for different industries and business sectors. The projects differ in their scope and duration. For all of the projects, we do our best to remain cost-competitive, while leveraging our technical expertise to provide outstanding services and deliver high quality solutions in time.


Essence Computing delivers only quality web-based products. The main advantage of web-based products is that they are platform-independent, i.e., regardless of the Operating System in the server (which is normally Linux), clients can use their own favorite Operating System in their system, be it Linux, or any other Proprietary Software. A web-based implementation can be done onsite, or remotely, depending upon the requirement of the client. These services can then be maintained by the client after taking training, or can be maintained by Essence Computing, through its varied support options.

Though most of Open Source Software are available for free, the most important factor that attracts a user to them is its stability and ease-of-use. Open Source Software always gives a user the freedom they need – they can use the software as they wish, on as many computers as they wish, and in any technically appropriate situation. Most Open Source Desktop Operating Systems like Ubuntu are available free of charge for use and hence, it reduces the cost in a large enterprise considerably. Essence Computing always promote and recommend Ubuntu as the Operating System on Desktops and Servers.

Our Team

Essence Computing employs specialists coming from different academic backgrounds and having a broad set of skills and solid experience. Each of our members is a well-motivated and organized worker being able to bring a depth of talent and creativity to the company. We have an excellent team of Engineers & Programmers with qualifications ranging from B.Tech, MCA, RedHat Certified and other relevant qualifications. We have the entire requisite infrastructure as well as adequate facilities in the field of IT and a separate Center for Software Development and Web Solutions. We give adequate training facilities for our employees to increase their knowledge in the field. Our Web Servers located in India and the US are maintained by experienced network engineers remotely.

Our people are our key strength. We pick and nurture the best to create an awesome base of expertise and talent. Essence Computing is comprised of large number of high caliber IT Professionals eager and ready to apply their leadership, technological expertise, proactive project management, commitment to unsurpassed personal performance and industry proven methodologies, to assure complete client satisfaction.

The top management comprises of qualified professionals with global experience and exposure in Information Technology. Every team member in each project is highly skilled and continuously keeps pace with the latest trends and technology evolving. They have significant technical knowledge and expertise in leading technology areas and are therefore able to deliver high quality products and services using latest tools and methodologies. Our technical and management team is amongst the best in the industry. Every person has opportunity to develop their professional and personal skills through our well- structured capability building programs. Every effort is made by the company to bring the best results from the team effort, which is always given more thrust than of personal ones. We implement complex E-Business and client server solutions with proven methodologies, tools and techniques. We manage our commitment to deadlines through unique processes that unify and sharp-focus our varied expertise on the delivery.

We at Essence Computing ensure that the highest standards are met by in all the projects that we undertake. The company has pre-determined standards for various levels of study, analysis, design, coding implementation, support, Project documentation and project monitoring with frequent reviews and end walkthroughs. All members of our team are well-versed with the quality systems and procedures and ensure that these standards are met by any cost. Our cost effective proven business ready solutions caters to all kind of industry verticals. Our wide range of consulting and engineering services makes open source deployment successful and hassle free. We are committed to provide cutting edge technology solutions with a continuous investment in R & D.